Year of production: 2012-2016


Running Time: 3:50 min


This is my most recent acting reel. It includes clips from a handful of projects I've gotten to be part of since moving to Los Angeles in 2011. New work will be added as footage comes in.

Theatrical Reel


Finish Line



Year of production: 2014


Running Time: 4:54 min.

Director: Jack Heston


Two brothers have come to a crossroads in their relationship and wind up towing the line between fantasy and a dark reality.


Brother Sun

Year of production: 2013


Running Time: 22:11 min

Director: Gary Alvarez


A young man grapples with the pains of learning what is most important in his life. What matters more, family or aspirations of attaining the American Dream?


Warmest of Welcomes

Year of production: 2014


Running Time: 7:28 min

Director: Kayd Hildebrandt



It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt. An innocent pledge weekend takes a drastic turn for the worse.


Year of production: 2014


Running Time: 6:03 min

Director: Dylan Avery


Ivy recounts her experience with little green men. Is she simply delusional, or is there more than meets the eye?



Telltale Heart

Year of production: 2013


Running Time: 6:59 min

Director: Christopher Rowell


A man begins to deal with the unexpected consequences of his actions. Based on the short story by Edgar Allen Poe.



Year of production: 2015


Running Time: 15:02 min.

Director: Kevin Wells


Two sailors fight for survival after the USS Indianapolis is torpedoed in shark infested waters. Based on true events.